Firework Press
Timothy Hyman on I Live Here Now The city drawings of Liza Dimbleby are best encountered in sequence. We learn to register her constantly inventive response as the anonymous urban crowd unfolds its ever-changing procession. Hardly ever delineating the famous landmark, she stands her ground in Bethnal Green or the Moscow underground and lives the experience through her pencil: the unexpected that appears everywhere, in odd conjunctions of feet and umbrellas, noses and cars. The wit and humour is a kind of compositional intelligence, but it has none of the spiky cruelty of caricature. Airy and atmospheric, her line picks up spatial and tonal resonances to create a wonderfully fluid idiom - not the prose of urban reportage, but a poetry of pleasurable displacement, confirmed in the texts that here intersperse the drawings.


I Live Here Now, Liza Dimbleby, £15 + £2.75 p&p (UK)